Teri Ore - Singh Is King Chords - Guitar Chords

Teri Ore - Singh is King Chords

(D)dil kho ga(A)ya ho ga(G)ya ki(A)si ka,(D) ab ras(A)ta mil ga(G)ya khu(A)shi ka

(D)ankhon mein (A)hai khwab (G)sa ki(A)si ka,(D)ab ras(A)ta mil ga(G)ya khu(A)shi ka

(A)rishta nayaa rabba, (Em)diil chhu raha hai

(D)kheenche mu(A)jhe koi (G)dor teri(A)ore

teri (D)ore, teri (A)ore, teri (G)ore haye (A)rabba

teri (D)ore, teri (A)ore, teri (G)ore (A)

(D)khulti fi(A)zayein (G)ghulti gha(A)tayein,(G) sar pe na(A)ya hai as(Em)maan

(D)charon di(A)shayein (G)haske bu(A)layein,(G) kyon sab hu(A)ye hai meh(Em)arbaan

(A)haamein to yaqui rabba(Em) kasam se pataa hai

(D)dil pe na(A)hi koi (G)zor koi (A)zor

(D)ek heer (A)thi aur(G) tha ek (A)ranjha,(G) kahte hai (A)mere ganv(Em) mein

(D)sachcha ho (A)dil to (G)sa muski(A)lein ho,(G) jhukta na(A)seeba paunv(Em) mein

ho ho(A) aanchal tera rabba (Em)falak ban gayaa hai

(D)ab iska na(A)hi koi (G)ore koi (A)chhor

About Singh Is Kinng : The film was released on 8 August 2008 . Akshay Kumar was nominated for the Asian Film Awards in the "Best Actor" for his performance . Singh Is Kinng is an unofficial remake of Jackie Chan's Miracles . Singh Is Bliing was rumored to be the sequel to the 2015 film . Lucky is the king of the Australian underworld . He is accompanied by his Sikh mafia associates, Julie (Neha Dhupia), Mika (Jaaved Jaffrey) and Guruji Gurbaksh Singh (Kamal Chopra)

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