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How to use tuner?

A standard guitar tuning is E4,B3,G3,D3,A2,E2. Every note has a particular pitch (frequency) which can be measured in Hertz (Hz). You need to allow microphone access so that we can hear you play your guitar. Play open strings one by one and make sure that each string is tuned perfectly to the required frequency. For example E4 (the thinnest string in standard tuning) has an open string frequency of about 330Hz, as you tighten the tuning screws on our guitar, (by rotating it clockwise) frequency will start to increase and vice versa. Note that it is important to slowly and steadily turn yur tuning screws for best results. This is one of the most accurate acoustic guitar online tuner

Trouble connecting microphone?

For any online guitar tuner microphone access is a requirement. You must have got a small browser popup asking for microphone access. In case you accidentally blocked access for, you can go to right hand side of address bar in google chrome and you ll find an option to always allow microphone access to You can google similar steps for other browsers as well. Refresh your page after unblocking microphone.
How to allow microphone Access for Acousterr
How to unblock microphone access for Acousterr

Which all instruments and tunings can I tune using this tuner?

Virtually any !!! We have standard tunings for some of the popular instruments apart from guitar like bass guitar (4/5 string), ukulele and mandolin. You can choose customized tunings by selecting the notes in the dropdown. Many advanced guitarists frequently use tunings like drop-D which can be easily tuned using this guitar tuner. It can be used as an online bass tuner microphone as well as a uke/mandolin tuner.

Next steps? Try playing out a tune

Well now that your instrument is tuned you can browse one of the many available tabs for your favorite songs and play and follow them along.
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