You Know My Name (chris Cornell) - Bass Tabs

(/) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato (x) Muted

4-String Bass Tabs for "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell

D|--------------------------  x
A|--2--2--------------------  4

VERSE:  (use dead notes as in 2 2 - x 2 2 - x ...)
E|--------3..---------------3..---------2..--2/9\- (3)

(colons are double-speed)
G|-------------------------|    ----------------------
D|------------------------o| x  ----------------------
A|-------------2:-0:------o| 2  ---------------------- (2)
E|-3:----2:----------4:----|    --4:----2:---2//14\2--

G|---- VAMP ----   ---------------------------------|-----------
D|-------------- x -------------------7-----0-------|-----------
A|--2:---------- 2 ----7-----7----7-9---9-7---4--2--|--2:-------
E|------3:--0:--   -0:----0:----0-------------------|-----3:-0:-

G|-----------------|    -----------| B  ---------------
D|- SYNCOP --------| e  ----------o| r  --------------- (2)
A|-----------------| n  ----------o| d  -2-2-----------      TO
E|-0-1-2-3:---0:---| d  --2/12\0---| g  ------3-3--0-0-    VERSE

D|-----------------------------------------        TO
A|----------------------------------------- (2)  REFRAIN

G|---------------  --- VAMP ---|     
D|---------------  -----------o| x   
A|---------------  --2:-------o| 3   
E|---0/12..---\0-  -----3:-0:--|     



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About You Know My Name : Chris Cornell wrote and produced it jointly with David Arnold, the soundtrack's composer . The film producers chose Cornell because they wanted a strong male singer . The track was leaked onto the Internet on September 20, 2006 . It charted in many countries, notably peaking at No. 7 on the UK singles chart . The single has sold 323,000 digital copies and garnered 3.5 million streams in the U.S. Sony Pictures's President of Music invited Chris Cornell to make a song for the new Bond movie . Cornell thought it was a strange offer, considering that he is American, and imagined that he would perform a secondary song in the film . It was released in 2006. It was released as part of album Carry On. The genre is alternative rock. The track was release in 2006. You Know My Name has a significant contribution from artist(s) Chris Cornell,David Arnold,Cornell. Its associated with movies - Casino Royale.

About Chris Cornell - Christopher John Cornell was best known for Soundgarden and Audioslave . Cornell was also the founder and frontman of Temple of the Dog tribute band . Chris Cornell is considered one of the chief architects of the 1990s grunge movement . He released four solo studio albums, Euphoria Morning (1999), Carry On (2007), Scream (2009), and Higher Truth (2015) Across his catalog, Cornell sold 14.8 million albums . He was nominated for 16 Grammy Awards, winning three . Cornell was voted "Rock's Greatest Singer" by Rock World . The most notable albums include - Andrew Wood. Chris Cornell had an affiliation to band(s) - Soundgarden. Chris Cornell's music is influenced by genre(s) - alternative metal heavy metal grunge alternative rock hard rock.

About Carry On (Chris Cornell album) : Chris Cornell's second solo studio album after Euphoria Mourning in 1999 . It was released on May 28, 2007, in the United Kingdom and June 5, 2007 . As of September 2007, the album has sold 121,000 copies worldwide . Cornell was involved in a motorcycle accident while recording his second solo album . He has stated that he is always writing, and that there are some songs that he was not able to put onto an Audioslave album . The album's style has been described as "a mash-up of alt-rock and adult contemporary" Cornell stated that he took influences from a variety of genres including heavy rock on the recording of Carry On . It had a contribution from notable artists like Carry On,Chris Cornell,Euphoria Mourning. Its music is influenced by genres - alternative rock adult contemporary hard rock.

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