You Can Cry - Marshmellow Chords - Guitar Chords

You Can Cry Guitar Chords Marshmello 

Oh, (Em)you can cry (D)on my shoulder
 (Bm)Everything’s (C)alright
 All the (Em)pain is (D)finally over
 (Bm)You can close your (C)eyes 

(Em)Listen to me, close your eyes baby, picture this:
 (D)Sunset, on the ocean, that’s Pacific
 (Bm)New whips, new tiffs, now your wrist lit
 (C)You can get anything off your wish list
 (Em)Every day is Christmas (I got you)
 Look, I promise(D) you won’t wanna miss this (I got you)
 All I got is(Bm) bread like a biscuit (biscuit)
 Got a secret (C)location, unlisted
 (C)We can get twisted (woo)
 (Em)I don’t wanna wait (hey)
 (Em)I don’t need a break (hey)
 (D)You just bring the gift (hey)
 (D)I’ma bring the cake (uh-huh) 

(Em)Go for two rounds
 Light a (G)spliff (uh-huh)
 (G)You laying next to a star, make a wish (a wish)
 (Em)I got somethin’ you can ride if you need a lift (yessir)
 (D)Whenever you with me, the problems don’t exist
 (Bm)Anywhere you wanna go, scratch it off your list
 (G)You wouldn’t even wanna cry if you imagine this 

Oh, (Em)you can cry (D)on my shoulder
 (Bm)Everything’s (C)alright (I got you)
 All the (Em)pain is (D)finally over
 (Bm)You can close your (C)eyes 

You was up late night (Em)callin’ (woo)
 (Em)I was up late night ballin’ (woo)
 (D)Almost made you wanna throw the towel in (hey)
 (Bm)Almost made you wanna trade the style in (uh-oh)
 (Em)Countin’ up hundreds by the thousands (uh-oh)
 (Em)100 stacks, run it back, hester
 (D)Double up, one more time, no pressure (no pressure)
 (Bm)I believe in you, so you next up
 (C)I put diamonds in your cross, God bless ya
 (Em)You put the work in (woo), you deserve that
 (D)Hard work pays off, I know you heard of that (heard of that)
 (Bm)Slow it down, lemme show you how to work that (oh)
 (C)That coupe you was dreamin’ ’bout, (Em)you can swerve that (it’s yours)
 (Em)You just gotta take a chance, take control of that
 (D)You just gotta chase the dream, get a hold of that (uh-huh)
 (Bm)Then you put in overtime, nothing over that
 (C)Then you do it one more time, gotta run it back 

Oh, (Em)you can cry (D)on my shoulder
 (Bm)Everything’s (C)alright (I got you)
 All the (Em)pain is (D)finally over
 (Bm)You can close your (C)eyes 

(Em)You can get anythin’ you want
 (D)You what I’m sayin’?
 (Bm)You want that over there? You want that over there?
 I got you 

Oh, (Em)you can cry (D)on my shoulder
 (Bm)Everything’s (C)alright (I got you)
 All the (Em)pain is (D)finally over
 (Bm)You can close your (C)eyes 
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