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About Sample (Sakanaction song) : "Sample" is a song by Sakanaction's vocalist Ichiro Yamaguchi's high-school band Dutchman in 2002 . It was released as a double A-side digital single alongside "Word", two months before the band's second album Night Fishing Sakanaction was first formed in 2005 in Sapporo, Hokkaido . The band were signed to major label Victor Entertainment . Released their debut album Go to the Future on May 7, 2007, through Victor's BabeStar Label . The majority of the songs present on the album were written specifically as an album . Sakanaction's A&R team pushed them to quickly follow this up with a second album . The material for the album was created based on the response and criticism for their debut album . It was released in 2007. It was released as part of album Night Fishing. The genre is pop , dance , electronica , post-rock. The track was release in 2007. Sample (Sakanaction song) has a significant contribution from artist(s) Ichiro Yamaguchi. It is related to the album(s) - Night Fishing. The track has an affiliation to the band(s) - Dutchman.

About Sakanaction : The band consists of Ichiro Yamaguchi, Motoharu Iwadera, Ami Kusakari, Emi Okazaki, and Keiichi Ejima . Their music is a fusion of alternative rock, electronic, pop, and new wave The name Sakanaction is a portmanteau of "sakana" and "action" The band are enjoying increasing popularity with their records consistently achieving positions within the Top 10 on Japan's Oricon charts . In their own words, their name reflects a wish to act quickly Sakanaction's frontman originally started a band called Dutchman, in 1998 with his fellow high school mates . From 2000 to 2003, they released one maxi single titled Fly, one album titled demonstration, and a single titled "Mikazuki Sunset" that was only sold at live performances . Sakanaction The group has many notable artists like Ichiro Yamaguchi,Ami Kusakari,Emi Okazaki,Keiichi Ejima. Their music is influenced by genres - alternative rock indie rock new wave electronica big beat.

About Night Fishing (album) : Sakanaction released on January 23, 2008 through Victor Entertainment's BabeStar Label . The album primarily features music written by Ichiro Yamaguchi since the release of their debut album . The album was preceded by digital singles "Word", "Sample" and "Night Fishing Is Good" Critically praised for their new direction on Night Fishing, with critics praising the band's poetic lyrics . In 2009, the album was made available globally as a digital download, alongside the band's debut and third albums Go to the Future (2007) and Shin-shiro (2009) It had a contribution from notable artists like Night Fishing,Ichiro Yamaguchi. It had an affiliation to bands - Japanese band Sakanaction. Its music is influenced by genres - pop , dance , electronica , post-rock.

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