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Tabs for Song : On the Loose
BPM : 170

    On the loose to climb a mountain    On the loose where I am free    On the loose to live my life the way I think my life should be   For I've only   got   a  moment,  and a whole world left  to see, I'll be looking for tomorrow on the loose

About Killer on the Loose : The song was written by Phil Lynott . It was a chart hit, peaking at No.10 in the UK and No.5 in Ireland . It later appeared on their album Chinatown . Lynott took the persona of Jack the Ripper . Many members of the British public, largely women, were outraged by the song's lyrics . Lynott's music video generated even more controversy when it was released in 1980 . It was released in 1980. It was released as part of album Chinatown. The genre is hard rock. The track was release in 1980. Killer on the Loose has a significant contribution from artist(s) Phil Lynott. It is related to the album(s) - Chinatown. The track has an affiliation to the band(s) - Thin Lizzy.

About Thin Lizzy : Thin Lizzy formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1969 . Two of the founding members met while still in school . The singles "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Waiting for an Alibi" were international hits . Thin Lizzy's de facto leader was composer or co-composer of almost all of the band's songs . Lynott was the first black Irishman to achieve commercial success in the field of rock music . AllMusic critic John Dougan has written that Lynott was a more insightful and intelligent writer than many of his ilk . Lynott prefers slice-of-life dramas of love and hate . Thin Lizzy's most popular songs include Whiskey in the Jar,The Boys Are Back in Town,Waiting for an Alibi. Thin Lizzy The group has many notable artists like Brian Downey,Phil Lynott. Their music is influenced by genres - hard rock blues rock heavy metal folk rock (early).

About Chinatown (Thin Lizzy album) : Thin Lizzy's tenth studio album released in 1980 . It introduced guitarist Snowy White, who replaced Gary Moore as permanent guitarist . Darren Wharton, 18, was also on the keyboards . Chinatown is a "letdown" compared to previous album Black Rose: A Rock Legend . The absence of Gary Moore and Tony Visconti, and drug problems experienced by Phil Lynott and Scott Gorham . A new remastered and expanded edition of Chinatown was released on 27 June 2011 . This new edition is a 2-CD set with the original album on disc It had a contribution from notable artists like Snowy White,Cliff Richard,Peter Green,Pink Floyd,Darren Wharton. Its music is influenced by genres - hard rock.

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