Crazy On You (heart) - Bass Tabs

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4-string Bass Tabs for "Crazy on You" by Heart. Standard EADG tuning.

INTRO:  (after long
   guitar solo intro)     CHORUS:
G|----------------------  |------9--7--------------|----|-----
D|-7---------7----------  |o--7--------10-9--7-----|----|-----
A|------8---------8--10-  |o--------------------10-|..8-|..10-
E|----------------------  |------------------------|----|-----
                                              1st   2nd   3rd
G|---------------------------------------     |---------7h9--
D|o--7-----7\------2---0---3-0-2---4---6- X   |o--7--7------- X
A|o------7----3------3------------------- 2   |o------------- 2
E|---------------------------------------     |--------------

G|-------------------------------------------------   CHORUS,
D|-0---2-----0-2-3----2---0--0-------0-0--2--4--6--    VERSE 2,
A|---------3------------3----------0---------------     PRE-CH,
E|-------------------------------------------------      CHORUS

G|--------------------  |----------------------------
D|-4------4---0---0-0-  |o-------9-7-9-7-6-7-0---0--- X
A|------4---4---------  |o--------------------------- 2
E|--------------------  |----9-----------------------

G|---------------------------------------------------  CHORUS,
D|-----9-7-9-7-6-7-4---4----------7..-----------4--6-   VERSE 3,
A|------------------------2---2--------7..---7-------    2xCHORUS,
E|-9-------------------------------------------------     BRIDGE

CHORUS repeated for outro

D|---7r---  END
A|--------  NOTE


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About Crazy on You : "Crazy on You" is a song by American rock band Heart from their debut studio album, Dreamboat Annie (1975) It was released as the album's third single in 1976 " Crazy on You" attracted attention for the unusual combination of an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar . The acoustic guitarist was a woman – a rarity in rock music during that time . Ann Wilson revealed the song was written in response to the stress caused by the Vietnam War and social unrest in the United States in the early 1970s . The song's lyrics tell of a person's desire to forget all the problems of the world during one night of passion . It was released in 1976. It was released as part of album Dreamboat Annie. The genre is hard rock folk rock. The track was release in 1976. It is related to the album(s) - Dreamboat Annie. The track has an affiliation to the band(s) - Heart.

About Heart (band) : Heart formed in 1970 in Seattle, Washington . It evolved from an existing band, White Heart . Over Heart's history, it has had three primary lineups . Heart rose to fame in the mid-1970s with music influenced by hard rock and heavy metal . The band's popularity declined in the early 1980s, but they launched a successful comeback in 1985 . Heart disbanded in 1998, then resumed performing in 2002 . Heart has sold over 35 million records worldwide . They have had top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2010s . In 2013, Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . Heart (band) The group has many notable artists like Steve Fossen,Roger Fisher,David Belzer,Jeff Johnson,Ann Wilson,Nancy Wilson. Their music is influenced by genres - rock hard rock folk rock pop rock.

About Dreamboat Annie : The album was recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia . It was released in the United States on February 14, 1976 . The album contains three commercially successful singles, two of which became staples on FM radio . The album was recorded on an Ampex MM1000 16-track tape recorder . It was the first commercially successful album recorded at the Can-Base Studios in Vancouver . Heart's first single, "How Deep It Goes" received little attention when released in Canada by the small Mushroom label in 1975 . "Magic Man" was first picked up for radio play by CJFM-FM 96 in Montreal . It had an affiliation to bands - Heart. Its music is influenced by genres - hard rock folk rock progressive rock.

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