Take our ear challenge !!!

You ll have to listen to a note and you have to press that note on the fretboard in minimum number of trials. You have 20 seconds per question.
You ll be asked 5 questions and scored based on number of trials and time taken.
Score per question is (10-number of failed attempts). maximum score possible is 50

Why Ear Training?

Any serious musician must learn to play tunes by hearing it. While perfect pitch is a gift that only certain humans possess, practice can help quickly identify notes by comparison. More importantly , a guitarist must be able to locate the note sounds to positions on his fretboard. This quiz when done repeatedly has proven to help memorize the positions of various notes on the fretboard. It is not expected that a person would hit the correct note the first time, but with practice he should be able to locate the correct note in minimum possible trials.

Next steps? Try writing out a tune

Do you have a song stuck in your mind? Why not try out writing the note sequence for its melody in our tab maker
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Score : Score : {{session.score}}
Trials : {{answer.trials}}
Time : {{20 - answer.time}}
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