Never Walk Alone - Guitar Chords

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
      F         C           G       Gm
And don't be afraid of the dark
       Dm           Bb
At the end of the storm
          F      Dm
There's a golden sky
         Bb     Am    G   (F)   E
And the sweet silver song of a lark
     F               E7
Walk on through the wind
C                    D
Walk on through the rain
              C         Em       F      G
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
     C        C7
Walk on, walk on
      F            D
With hope in your heart
            C Em  Am    Em     G
And you'll never walk alone
       C Em  F    G  C
You'll never walk   alone

About Wings (BTS album) : The album was released on October 10, 2016, by Big Hit Entertainment . It is available in four versions and contains fifteen tracks . The concept album is thematically influenced by Hermann Hesse's coming of age novel Demian . Both albums sold a combined 1.8 million physical copies worldwide . BTS earned the title of "million sellers" due to outstanding financial reception . According to Gaon Chart, Wings was the best-selling album of 2016 in Korea . Big Hit Entertainment released a series of short films for each member to promote the upcoming album . The short films started with Jungkook's "Begin", followed by Jimin's "Lie", V's "Stigma", Suga's "First Love", RM's "Reflection", J-Hope's "Mama", and Jin's "Awake" It was released in 2016. The genre is hip hop edm r&b tropical house moombahton dance-pop k-pop. The track was release in 2016.

About Jimin (singer, born 1995) - Park Ji-min (Korean) born on October 13, 1995, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and dancer . In 2013 he debuted as a member of the South Korean boy band B Park Ji-min was born on October 13, 1995 in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea . Prior to becoming a trainee, Jimin studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts and was a top student in modern dance department . Jimin made his debut as a member of BTS with the release of the single "No More Dream" The song "Lie" was released in 2016 in the album Wings . Jimin (singer, born 1995) had an affiliation to band(s) - BTS. Jimin (singer, born 1995)'s music is influenced by genre(s) - k-pop alternative r&b.

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