Friend Like Me - Guitar Tabs

friend like me:

[Verse 1]
         A7           Dm
Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves
        A7                     Dm
Scheherezade had a thousand tales
           A7                 Dm
But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeves
          E7                       A7
You got a brand of magic never fails
You got some power in your corner now
           A7                    Dm
Some heavy ammunition in your camp
             A7                Dm
You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how
             E7                      A7
See, all you gotta do is rub that lamp
         A7   Dm
And I'll say

        Bb      A7
Mister Aladdin, sir
     Dm                   Bb7   A7
What will your pleasure be?
       F            Eb
Let me take your order
Bb     C#
Jot it down
            C                A7    D
You ain't never had a friend like me
   Bb7  A7  Dm
No no no

             Bb    A7
Life is your restaurant
    Dm  C#    C  
And I'm your maitre d'
      F        Eb      D       Db
C'mon whisper what it is you want
           C                A7     Dm
You ain't never had a friend like me

About Friend Like Me : The song was performed by Robin Williams in his role as the Genie . It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 65th Academy Awards . It is also performed by Will Smith in the remake . The song was originally designed as a Cab Calloway-style big band number . After Robin Williams was cast, it ScreenCrush stated that remnants of the previous version of the film can be seen in this sequence: It was released in 1992. It was released as part of album Aladdin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The genre is show tune. The track was release in 1992. Friend Like Me has a significant contribution from artist(s) Robin Williams,Will Smith. Its associated with movies - Aladdin.

About Robin Williams - Robin McLaurin Williams was widely regarded by critics as one of the best comedians of all time . He rose to fame for playing the alien Mork in the sitcom Mork & Mindy . Williams starred in several critically and commercially successful films . The World According to Garp (1982), Moscow on the Hudson (1984), Good Morning Morning Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989) and World's Greatest Dad (2009) Williams committed suicide by hanging at his home in Paradise Cay, California, in August 2014 . His widow, Susan Schneider Williams, attributed his suicide to his struggle with Lewy body disease . Robin Williams's music is influenced by genre(s) - observational comedy , improvisational comedy , physical comedy , political satire , self-deprecation , surreal humour.

About Aladdin (1992 soundtrack) : The album was released by Walt Disney Records on October 27, 1992 . The soundtrack was intertwined with demos, work tapes and unreleased masters in 1994 in a four-disc box set . Alan Menken earned the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Golden Globe Award . The lyricist Tim Rice won the Academy Awards for the song "A Whole New World" sung by Regina Belle . The first Disney song to win a Grammy Award for Song of the Year . All lyrics are written by Howard Ashman; all music is composed by Alan Menken. Its music is influenced by genres - pop , film score.

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