Animal I Have Become - Bass Tabs

(/) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato (x) Muted

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BPM : 200

Song lyrics here 

Song lyrics here 

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About Animal I Have Become : "Animal I Have Become" is the first single from Three Days Grace's second studio album . Unlike most singles, it was not released in stores, and only had one track . The song stayed on US Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for seven weeks . Christian parody band ApologetiX recorded a parody of "Animal I Have Begun" on their 2008 album, Future Tense . Both versions of the song have been released in acoustic formats . The video, directed by Dean Karr, features singer Adam Gontier as the main character . The video starts with Gonteier in his torn apart bedroom asleep . It was released in 2006. It was released as part of album One-X. The genre is alternative metal. The track was release in 2006. Animal I Have Become has a significant contribution from artist(s) Three Days Grace. It is related to the album(s) - One-X..

About Three Days Grace : Three Days Grace formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997 . The band's original line-up consisted of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson . Barry Stock was recruited as the band's lead guitarist, making them a four-member band . The band has released six studio albums, each at three-year intervals . The first three albums have been RIAA certified 2x platinum, 3x platinum and platinum in the United States . In Canada, they have had 15 No. 2 No.2 No. 1 . Groundswell formed in Norwood, Ontario, in 1992 . The band's line-up consisted of lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer Neil Sanderson, bassist Brad Walst, lead guitarist Phil Crowe, and rhythm guitarist Joe Grant . By the end of 1995, GroundSwell had broken up . Three Days Grace The group has many notable artists like Adam Gontier,Neil Sanderson,Brad Walst,Barry Stock,My Darkest,Matt Walst,Brad Walst. Their music is influenced by genres - post-grunge hard rock alternative metal alternative rock nu metal (early).

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