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Aadat - Kalyug - Chords

Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD or DD UU DD 

Na(C#m)jaane kab se, Umeedain kuch (A)baqi hain
Mu(C#m)jhe phir bhi teri yaad, Kyun (A)ati hai?
Najaane kab se (C#m) 

Durr (C#m)jitna bhi tum mujh(B)se, Paas (A)tere (B)main
(C#m)Ab tau addat si hai mujh(B)ko, aise jee(A)ne (B)main
Zinda(C#m)gi se koi (B)shiwva bhi (A)nahi (B)hai
(C#m)Ab tau zinda hun (B)main iss neele as(A)maan (B)main 

Chaahat (C#m)aisi hai yeh te(B)ri (A)Barhti (B)jaye
(C#m)Aahat aise hai yeh te(B)ri mujh(A)ko sa(B)taye
Yaadain (C#m)gehri hain yeh kit(B)ni dil (A)doob ja(B)ye
Aur (C#m)aankhon main yeh (B)ghum num (A)ban (B)jaye 

(C#m) (B) (A) (B) 

(C#m)Ab tau addat si hai mujh(B)ko, aise jee(A)ne (B)main 

(C#m)Sabhi raatain (B)hain, (A)Sabhi baatain (B)hain
(C#m)Bhula do (B)unhain, (A)Mitta do (B)unhain 

(C#m)Ab tau addat si hai mujh(B)ko 

About Aadat (song) : It was originally sung by Atif Aslam and composed by Goher Mumtaz . It was also used in the Bollywood films Kalyug and Chocolate . The song was written by Goher Mumtaz, sung by Atif Aslam, music by the band Jal . The song became a youth anthem in the subcontinent . The song was featured in Ramin Bahrani's 2005 film Man Push Cart . The song has won It was released in 2003. It was released as part of album Jal Pari. The genre is pop music. The track was release in 2003. Aadat (song) has a significant contribution from artist(s) Atif Aslam,Goher Mumtaz,Farhan Saeed,Atif Aslam. It is related to the album(s) - Jal Pari.

About Atif Aslam - Muhammad Atif Aslam is one of the best playback singers of Indian and Pakistani music industry . He predominantly sings in Urdu, Hindi and has also sung in Bengali . Atif Aslam was born in Wazirabad (Gujranwala District), Punjab, Pakistan . He began his education at Kimberley Hall School, Lahore . In 1995, Aslam returned to Lahore where he continued his studies in Divisional Public School . Atif Aslam says he has had no formal training in music . He has said that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is one of his very first inspirations in singing . Atif Aslam's music is influenced by genre(s) - filmi pop rock bollywood sufi.

About Goher Mumtaz - Goher Mumtaz is a Pakistani musician, singer-songwriter, music composer, guitarist and actor . He is Goher practiced music on a keyboard as a child . At 16, he sold his bike to buy his first guitar which he hid under his bed . Goher was confined to bed for six months after his high school exams . With no formal training, Goher taught himself composition, song writing and singing . He gained momentum by performing at local restaurants in Lahore . Goher Mumtaz had an affiliation to band(s) - Jal. Goher Mumtaz's music is influenced by genre(s) - pop rock sufi rock.

About Farhan Saeed - Farhan Saeed is the former lead vocalist of the Pakistani band Jal . He is the owner of the restaurant Cafe Rock in Lahore . He has sung in Urdu and in Punjabi . Farhan Saeed was born on September 14, 1984 into a Kashmiri family . In his teens, he took A-Level from Keynesian Institute of Management and Sciences (KIMS) and then enrolled for Computer Sciences to National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences . Farhan Saeed joined the Lahore-based pop rock band Jal in 2003 . He replaced their vocalist Atif Aslam Farhan Saeed had an affiliation to band(s) - Jal. Farhan Saeed's music is influenced by genre(s) - pop rock.

About Jal Pari (album) : Two of his songs from the album were used by Bollywood film directors . Three songs have also been selected for the Hollywood film Man Push Cart . Jal Pari has been declared the "Best Selling Album Of The Year" for two consecutive years in a row . The song "Bheegi Yaadein" was named the "Most Downloaded Pakistani Song Ever" from various Jal's album, Aadat, and Aslam's Jal Pari, shared certain tracks such as "Aadat", "Bheegi Yaadein" and "Ankhon Se" War over It had a contribution from notable artists like Jal Pari,Atif Aslam. It had an affiliation to bands - Jal. Its music is influenced by genres - rock , pop rock.

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