Where Can I Find Nintendo Ds Roms

If you’re looking for nice Nintendo DS ROMs, look no further. We want to tell you about the dedicated websites that are home to thousands of old-school titles, some of which are still very popular, while others have almost sunk into oblivion. But the latter definitely have nothing to do with NDS games. Though lots of people don’t own a physical NDS consoles anymore, they still nurture warm feelings towards the games they once played on one of the most venerated handhelds of all time. There is no need to get upset if you cannot fix your old NDS or buy a second-hand device on eBay. On our website you can find tons of safe, tried and trusted Nintendo DS ROMs that can satisfy the most sophisticated retro gamers and aficionados of vintage consoles. Now it’s about time you quenched your burning desire to replay everything you used to play on the NDS! 

How to Get NDS Games for Free 

Some retro gamers still scour ecommerce platforms and offline retail stores in search of some nice NDS games. But, as we’ve noted above, not every classic gamer still has the original NDS at hand and needs physical games. Moreover, getting original copies of Nintendo games can be an expensive luxury for an average connoisseur of retro classics. But the vast majority of gamers don’t even think about forking out on original games. They rely on emulation programs, or simply emulators, and download game ROMs to play on them. 

Looking for Nintendo DS games for your emulator? Go straight to Romshub.com. Our website boasts the vast collection of retro games that will help you relive your childhood. Navigate through the list of the NDS ROMs until you locate the game you want to play. But don’t limit yourself to just one ROM! You can download as many games as you want or your emulator can support. All the ROMs on our site are totally safe. They’ve been downloaded many times and received countless accolades from other users. 

Downloading NDS ROMs is an excellent opportunity to find and download all the retro games you wanted to play back in your childhood but never had enough allowance to buy. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Mario Kart DS, Pokémon Black and White, New Super Mario Bros., Pokémon Platinum, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and lots of other cult NDS titles are now available for free at our website. All you need to do is to locate the preferred ROM file and hit the “Download” button. After that you can load your game using the emulator and enjoy it. 

What Emulator to Choose to Play NDS Games? 

You may wonder what emulation tool will help you enjoy the newly downloaded ROMs to the fullest extent. There are lots of NDS emulators for PCs, but not all of them are equally good. For the time being, DeSmuMe is arguably the most stable and efficient DS emulator. It boasts some brag worthy features that allow saving your current game status and fix bugs. Moreover, it’s perfectly compatible with Mac and Windows and undemanding in terms of hardware requirements. If DeSmuMe is not a good-enough option for you, you may try MelonDS, No$GBA, Citra, or Ideas. They are stable standalone emulators that can emulate almost all commercial and homebrew Nintendo DS games without freezes and lags. You may also try out RetroArch, a time-tested cross-platform emulator for Windows PCs, if you don’t mind tinkering with settings, of course.  

If you want to enjoy DS classics on your Android device, you may opt for NDS Boy, DraStic, or AseDS. 

Keep in mind that there is no one flawless solution for playing NDS games. Nonetheless, there are more than enough options to choose from.   

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