Music Technology: 5 Ways Technology Has Revolutionized Music

There are countless benefits to learning how to play music, listening to it, and of course, sharing it with others. Especially given the recent rise in incredible music technology, doing all of these things is easier than ever before. Just how much has the tech world influenced -- and changed -- the music industry as a whole? Keep on reading this post to find out, and get ready to share the beauty of music with more people than ever before. 

1. You Can Learn Instruments Online

You no longer have to drive hours away to meet with a music teacher. Now, it's easy to learn almost any instrument online.  You can take Skype lessons, learn through YouTube, or even enroll in online music theory classes on a group or individual level. The sky is the limit, so there's no reason to put off learning the guitar if it's been a dream of yours for years. 

2. You Can Share Music with Anyone

Music streaming services make it incredibly easy to not only share your music with a wider audience but also to discover new artists that inspire you.  Many famous musicians have gotten their starts on platforms like SoundCloud. Why not try it out for yourself?

3. The Rise of Autotune

Though classical music programs may shun the idea of autotune, there's no doubt that it now plays a major role in the way music is created. We like autotune best when it's used artistically -- and not as a way to disguise the fact that the artist has no real singing talent. Even beloved artists like Beyonce and Frank Ocean use autotune, so perhaps it's not quite the monster many make it out to be. 

4. Digital Software Makes Anyone a Musician

You no longer have to shell out serious cash to rent studio space and lay down a few tracks. Thanks to the rise of digital software, one of the top music technology tools, you can do it all from your own bedroom. You can use tons of different effects, select from a variety of instruments, and record all in the same day. Check out digital software for musicians like Protools or Logic to see what you can do -- no small business IT services or expensive music producers required!

5. Sound Layering with Looper Pedals

Obsessed with creating unique harmonies? Looking for awesome DJ tech tools that let you layer sounds and sample different songs? Want to create an entire orchestra with the push of a button? If so, then you should definitely take advantage of loop pedals, like some of these top artists have done. 

Ready to Try out Music Technology for Yourself?

We hope this post has gotten you feeling inspired and enthusiastic about trying out some of the best music technology. No matter what kind of genre you're into, or even your experience level, use the right tools to help you develop your sound. We make it incredibly easy to tune your instrument online, create your own tabs, and even find out about awesome online music courses available to you.

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