Michael Jackson - A Legendary Story

Who does not know the King of Pop? Michael Joseph Jackson, a sensation that swept the whole world off its feet was born on August 29th, 1958. As a child Jackson became the lead singer for his family’s group, the Jackson 5. He soon left that to do solo numbers and wowed the world by delivering hits after from the album Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad. 


Jackson was one of the 9 children born to Katherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson. His father was a guitarist who put aside his musical inclination to fend for the family. While his dreams took a backseat, Joseph pushed his children to succeed in the field of music. In the early 60s, Joseph moulded them into a musical group called Jackson 5. Michael joined his siblings when he was 5 and soon became the lead vocalist. Michael and his brothers spent a lot of hours polishing their skills and even recorded a single but they never quite made it big.

But luck favoured them soon enough and they were soon delivering hit numbers and touring the world. But soon Michael Jackson branched out to solo performances. In 1983, Jackson performed his No. 1 hit Billie Jean on television. It was there that he debuted his to-be-famous moonwalk. He then choreographed the step and performed it for Beat It.  


Jackson unfortunately suffered from an injury during the filming of a Pepsico commercial in 1984. He suffered burns to his face and scalp. It was at this time that Jackson performed surgery and discovered a newfound interest in plastic surgery. He began experimenting, dramatically altering his face and his nose over the next few years. Being the shy type Jackson would often retreat to his California ranch called Neverland. Rumours began to flout that he was lightening his skin and undergoing a special longevity treatment. 

With popularity comes a lot of negative publicity and Jackson was not spared. In 1993, he was accused of child molestation. It was believed that he misbehaved with a 13 year old and this matter was settled out of court. In a rare interview with Oprah Winfrey, he admitted to be suffering from vitiligo which was the cause for his skin colour change. Again in 2003 he was charged with child molesation again. However, more than 130 people testified in his favour and he was spared. 


This marked the decline of the legend’s music career however. Soon, he was ridden with debts and decided to tour one last time, for a series of concerts he called the final curtain call. Jackson, despite the debts and allegation was a figure of interest and his concert received a strong response. July 8th 2009, Jackson was set to make an appearance in London but sadly his death in June that year did not let him see the success he could have brought back. 

Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose on June 25th, 2009, aged 50. Jackson’s death triggered a global outpouring of grief and sorrow at the sudden demise of a legend.

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