Love Music, Live Music

Of all the human endeavours to establish their supremacy over other living creatures. the evolution n development of music enjoys topmost position.

Music encompasses, within its ambit singing, playing upon instruments and dancing to the tune and rhythm.The tune, melody and rhythm are its basic components which distinguish music from noise. A sound or a combination of sounds in proper rhythm is pleasing to the ears. 

Music is the food for the soul. Just as our body needs nutrients for its nourishment n sustenance, our soul finds solace in refrains .Weary nerves are soothed when music is played. Music can fit our moods. It has the power to heal or comfort us in diverse emotional outbursts, be it grief, sadness, loneliness, fear, love or anger.

Music is abundantly present in nature - the thunder of the clouds, the falling of pitter patter rain drops on rooftops, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves during windy days the chatter of river water flowing down the stream, the cooing of pigeons are some of the favourite musical sounds. Even the lub dub of the heart is musical. Only these melodious sounds go unheeded.

Modern man ,in his materialistic pursuits, has distanced himself from this amazing gift .Music can help bridge the gap between hearts. It is the powerful thing that can connect people with each other,Music is the strongest form of magic. Nothing is more uplifting, relaxing or satisfying than listening to the music of your choice .

If we wish to live in harmony with nature ,we need to love music. we need to make music a way of life .

Let music permeate through our personality to enable us to reap its immense benefits . Music has some amazing facts which not only fascinate but also give us an insight into the complexity of our mind. Music utilizes the entire brain. Playing music regularly physically alters our brain structure .

Music modulates heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Learning a musical instrument can improve fine motor and reasoning skills. Our work out performance  can heighten if accompanied with listening music. The brain responds to music in the same way it responds to something that we eat .Music has the capacity to repair brain damage and return lost memories, strengthen immune system and reduce depression by 80%.Music is prescribed to patients with Parkinson's disease and stroke victims. The part of the brain that processes movements also overlaps speech activities. Music helps overcome obstacles like speech difficulties, Dopermine  a feel good chemical is released by brain while anticipating the peak moment of a song .To conclude Music is life that is why our hearts have beats .

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