How To Make The Most Of Guitar Lesson Subscription

Learning guitar online is gaining popularity lately. With the advancement of technology, people are no longer willing to spend thousands of bucks on a private guitar teacher. They are now, looking for a more convenient way to learn guitar from the ease of their home. Whether you are at home or college, you can take out your guitar and start practicing. Online guitar lessons are so convenient to use. Some of these online platforms are also available in the form of an app. Did learning guitar ever sound this easy? Well, no. 

Undoubtedly, the monthly subscription is not as crazy as hiring a private guitar teacher. But, these subscriptions are not cheap as well. If you are taking a year subscription only then, the price would be a little less for you or else you need to pay on an average of 20-25 dollars every month. This subscription fee is quite tough if you are a school or a college-goer. 

But, as you have already subscribed to it, you would want to make the most of the subscription fee. Here are some of the tips that will help you make the most of it. 

Tips to make the most of the online guitar lesson 

1.    Joining the community: Most of the best online guitar learning platforms have the biggest online community of beginner, intermediate, and professional guitars. They are online most of the time for helping each other out. So, as soon as you get the subscription, join their forum. This will help you to get in touch with several guitarists. In case of any confusion or if you are struggling with anything, they will help you to get it right. Sometimes these communities are great for you to know some tricks and tips. 

2.    Using the free trial: Before you pay for the actual subscription, you can enjoy a trial period of 7 to 14 days. In this period, you will get to learn what the online platform is offering you. Although you do not pay for the free trial, it is also a part of the subscription. So, try to use it as much as you can to see how the online platform is meeting your needs. Surf through the song and genre list, go through the video tutorials and learn the basic A B C D of guitars. A lot of the beginners do not understand, but this free trial is beneficial to everyone. 

3.    Finding your genre: Online guitar learning platform is one of the best ways of finding the right genre. This is where you came in touch with various types of songs and music. This helps you to decide how comfortable you are with playing a certain genre of music. Taste different genres of music to find out the one for you. Without trying, it is impossible to find your ideal one. This is how you learn to know about your favorite genre of music. 

4.    Using a metronome: Practicing guitar with a metronome is quite helpful. And, the benefit is twice when you are learning guitar from our online guitar platform. This helps you to train with a drummer or as a solo player. This shows you how skilled you are as an artist. This also helps you to play in time. So, you are not just getting instruction from professional guitarists but also learning to practice a real song. This increases your ability and makes you more skilled with time. So, try a metronome next time you are playing guitar with the help of our online guitar lesson subscription. 

5.    Learning the guitar slow: Yes, you have subscribed the online platform for three months, and you want to make the most of it. But, trust me, you can make the most of it once you are going slowly. When you are putting on too much pressure and trying hard to learn something at once, you will skip the important bits of the note. As a result, you will practice the wrong scale of a song. This is the reason, and you need to learn guitar slowly. Go slow and try to make fewer mistakes. Slowing down also helps you to develop good muscle memory. As a result, you will be able to learn on a deeper level. 

6.    Practicing the music faster than the usual tempo: We just told you to slow down, but now we are suggesting to play faster. The reason behind this is, you already know how to play a song on your guitar. This is now you are going to challenge yourself. So, kick up the tempo of the music that you have practiced. You might even enjoy playing the piece at a faster tempo with a different groove. Have fun while experimenting, and you would love what you can play now.

7.    Scheduling a specific time: Practicing at a specific time is better than practicing at a different time. When you are practicing at a scheduled time, you brain to prepare itself for some memory exercise. This is quite beneficial for the guitarist. At the same time, when you set aside a time each day for playing, you will never forget to practice. You will grow a habit of practicing guitar every day at a specific time. Also, your online guitar lesson will help you to learn things slowly and more perfectly at this time. Practice regularly and aim for at least five days a week. 

8.    Using music stand while practicing: We have all the best lessons and that too from the top guitarists of the world. But, how will this help if you do not have the right posture and focus? Therefore, while learning use a music stand. This will make a huge difference in maintaining the right posture while you play. This will also make you more comfortable and relaxed. This is why having all the necessary accessories is handy when you are practicing in the home. 

9.    Having clear goals: When you have subscribed to our online guitar lessons, you might have a couple of goals. So, you need to jot all down. It is essential to have both big and small goals while you are learning from an online platform. One of the biggest disadvantages of the online platform is a distraction. Therefore, having a set of goals is essential. Your big goals are the reasons why you started playing in the first place, and the small goals are the reasons that will keep you motivated. Ask yourself questions to find out your goals behind learning guitar. 

10.    Perfection or too much perfection: This is one of the things most beginner guitarists struggle with. Some try to be perfect and follow every note described by the video tutorial. While some do it in their way. Both are wrong. You need to be a perfectionist but not too much of it. Your quirks are what make you different and unique. On the other hand, if you want to make the most of your online subscription, it is essential to follow the teacher on every note. So, be mindful while you are practicing and do not practice sloppy techniques. 

11.    Practicing your problem areas: According to the experts, it is best to play the most challenging material right after warming up. This is because right after the warm-up session, your mind remains free of complexities, and it is ready to tackle the hard stuff. Keep practicing the hard stuff. This will help you to excel in and learn better. In our online guitar lesson, there are some critical notes for both the beginner and intermediate players. Try practicing those for a better understanding of your instrument. 

12.    Practicing the easy ones: In our library, there are basic tunes for both beginner and intermediate players. Practice these again and again. This will help you to grow as a better guitar. Along with this, these pieces will keep your mind fresh and relaxed. This is how you will develop your repertoire and gain confidence. 

13.    Enjoying the instrument: Lastly, the goal of our online guitar lessons is to make the user enjoy every bit of it. So, if you do not enjoy it, then, you would not be able to learn it. So, play what you love to play. Go to our online library and find out the guitar notes of your favorite songs. We have plenty of those in our library. Having fun while learning music helps you not to get bored with guitar practice. 


With the help of the internet, guitar learning has become easy and reasonable. Learning guitar can be tough if you do not enjoy it. In our online guitar lessons, we tried to make it as simple as possible for the beginners. Even the intermediate players can practice and sharpen their skills of playing guitar. So, no matter what your skills are, subscribe to our lessons and make the most out of it. 

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