Acousterr Launches Guitar Tuner App For Android

Jan 2019, Gurgaon, India. Acousterr, an innovative online platform for music learners, has expanded its domain by developing an android app of guitar tuner named ACOUSTERR GUITAR TUNER, Its an android version of the popular ACOUSTERR ONLINE GUITAR TUNER.

Acousterr, an Indian startup, based in Gurgaon which saw the light of day in Nov 2017 takes pride in having a good collection of guitar applications The recently developed tuner app, designed by guitarist for guitarists, is extremely lightweight & versatile chromatic tuner in under 3MB size .As such it feels snappy & feather light As any stringed instrument player can tell you, it’s always good to have a tuner on you. It is an extremely helpful app for guitar enthusiasts. It is fastest to load with very low memory requirements .The tuner app is supported on ALL android versions. Even for low end devices, Guitar Tuner performs admirably well - like a pro. very easy to use and it is accurate. gets the job done in no time. It is fairly simple & gives perfect tuning, The tuner enables you to choose between a variety of tunings For the Android-loving musicians, it is the best tuner you can have on your device with a simple but decent interface. Complicated and fancy looking graphics have deliberately been avoided as these slow down your phone It has proven to be so effective powerful & useful The tool gives out tuning frequencies of notes which takes very less time to understand. Green light on the interface is indicator of the string being tuned correctly, In most of the tuners ,the screen sleeps even while tuning which spoils the mood of the guitarist .With this tuner on the job ,the screen doesn't time-out and tuning can be done hassle free. Can easily change tunings and it's very responsive. Can also tune your acoustic & electric guitar Above all the tuner app is user friendly as it is FREE for All features with no OBTRUSIVE ads, just a small banner ad at footer

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Amazing features of Acousterr Guitar Tuner,

- Supports customized tuning - easily change tuning of any string.

- Supports ukulele, bass guitar, mandolin - all in one single application.

- Gives out a green light when a string is tuned correctly

- Screen doesn't time-out and sleep while tuning

- Shows you which all strings are already tuned and which all are pending.

- Works well on ALL android versions - even for low end devices

- Very responsive - snappy and lightweight

- Contains precisely what you need - an ability to tune with microphone, does the job well

- No obtrusive ads - just a small banner ad at footer

- No overly complicated graphics to slow down your phone

- Very accurate

- Auto string detection

- Both acoustic & electric guitar supported

- Supports bass guitar tuning for 4 string and 5 string bass guitars

- Works well on tablets too

- Mentions frequencies of notes, to help you understand the mathematics behind music

- Preset tunings for Guitar - E4,B3,G3,D3,A2,E2 - can be customized

- Preset tunings for Bass (4 String) G2, D2, A1, E1 - can be customized

- Preset tunings for Bass (5 String) G2, D2, A1, E1, B0 - can be customized

- Preset tunings for Ukulele - A4, E4, C4, G4 - can be customized

- Preset tunings for Mandolin - E5, A4, D4, G3 - can be customized

Acousterr guitar tuner which supports ukulele, bass guitar, mandolin has drawn overwhelming response from music enthusiasts .Within days of its launch .it has been downloaded by above 5000 of guitarists .It offers a more modern approach by displaying the frequency measured and the frequency required. Elaborating on how it works , the developers explained that Acousterr guitar tuner takes your microphone input and shows a meter to help you tune your instrument correctly. To tune the guitar, play an open note on a single string and let it ring until it registers on the tuner. if the frequency the guitar tuner records match the fixed frequency for that note, that means that the note is in tune.The developers are optimistic & assured that it would make a guitarist’s life easier. Chromatic tuner would benefit music enthusiasts, both beginners who need to practice tuning his guitar as it will have a great impact on his playing as well as advanced learners who need to take care of every detail when it comes to their performance .IOS version of guitar tuner is in making & will be launched soon.

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