A Word Of Caution To Novice Guitarists

So the guitar bug has hit you, you want to experience the thrill of holding a stringed instrument and express your innermost feelings through tunes and vibrations. You are sure  to have that requisite patience and perseverance that nothing will deter your Never give up attitude You're going to get hand cramps.— you're going to have to do  a lot of tuning and restringing your guitar & you will not balk at anybody's ridicule .Welcome to the band of guitarists.

The guitar is a great instrument. It's fairly portable, relatively inexpensive, easy enough to learn the basics - and you can take your playing as far as you want. Lots of people - from kids to grandparents - learn the guitar every day. Since you're one of them, here are  things you need to know.

a) Dont shy away from basics
It takes time to master an instrument, Playing guitar is an art, but learning is a science  In their zeal to learn to play, many guitarists eschew music theory because they think theory will kill their creativity On the  contrary MUSIC THEORY  gives you  an in-depth and evolving observation of how music works and the relationships between rhythm, structure, melody, harmony, etc  such knowledge  will help you setting a solid foundation for yourself. to grasp the concepts.Theory will help you make sense of what you're playing and give you a broader tonal palette from which to create and play music. You can only get so far without at least a rudimentary knowledge of theory. Music theory should be used as a tool to aid you in your playing, not as a bible to be adhered to.

b)  Get things right from the start
Learn good technique . Properly apply all those basic requirements for playing great guitar  Good technique is about accurate fingering and hitting the right notes every time, especially when it comes to scales and playing tricky bar chords. Concentrate on precise fingering. Good technique comes from your mind and your fingers remembering how it’s all supposed to work, particularly when it comes to those tricky fingerings. Try to set aside some time every day and develop good playing habits.

c)Avoid forming a habit out of a mistake
You should never neglect how bad it is to form a habit out of a mistake. Bad habits can become ingrained and are sometimes hard to break. Correcting them as soon as they crop up, or better still, avoiding them entirely, is essential if you are to keep on track to becoming the guitarist you've set out to be.

d) Play with your finger tips
Do not play with the pads, because they don’t count as fingertips. It will take time to get used to it, but believe me this part is very important,because by using only your fingertips, you will be able to play the notes more precisely and make less mistakes. Of course, in the beginning mistakes happen, but by practice you won’t have them anymore . Press the strings with your left hand with the minimum power that gets the right sound.

e) Practice with persistence
It’s really hard to get good at anything when there’s no consistency. A big part of learning to play the guitar is finger memory - motor skills. Your fingers need to know what to do without your brain needing to tell them. And that comes just one way – Persistent Practice . To begin with your fingers won’t like it & it can be frustrating, but with regular practice , it will suddenly click & feel very natural, almost so that you’ll find it hard remembering what it was like in the beginning. For starters, discipline yourself by just putting in 30 minutes of practice daily rather than putting four hours at weekend.

f) Don’t set unrealistic goals
Don't overwhelm yourself with too many goals at the same time or you'll just end up frustrated. A tremendous amount of energy is wasted when we waffle or procrastinate. When we make a commitment it helps channel all your energy to achieving a goal. Learn at your own pace and dedicate yourself to just one technique during a given practice session at first, instead of unrealistically trying one or two above your level. When you have a sense of achievement  in  modest commitment you'll feel good about yourself and be able to make more commitments.

g) No Need For Speed
Don’t ever bother trying to learn how to play fast. Really, don’t do it.  Concentrate on precise fingering. The truth is, learn to play properly and speed will happen all by itself. if you are unable to rip through the guitar
When you are learning to play the guitar, you need to push yourself to learn to play new things in order to constantly evolve as a player.  Do add more and more tunes to your practice to help keep your motivation up and to avoid stagnation If you sit down and only play the stuff you know, It doesn’t matter how much you like the X song, if you’re always playing the same chords every time you play that X song,  you might end up feeling bored and less motivated to play it.

h) Don’t Consult Too Many Sources
Stay focused & dedicated With so many different paths available these days to learn how to play guitar, you run the risk of information overload. Instead of finding the answers you seek, this abundance of information can overwhelm and ultimately paralyze you. In order to get better as a player, you need to stay focused and dedicated. Find a teacher or an online course with a clear, comprehensive lesson plan and stick to it. If things get tough, persevere. Don't always look for an easy out, which will only keep you stuck. Each challenge you overcome will help to make you a better guitarist.

i) DON’T Hide Out with Your Guitar
New guitarists will naturally be shy to play in front of others, but doing so is very important. Not only does it provide a healthy rush of adrenaline, playing in front of other people gives you a short-term goal, opens your eyes to things you need to work on, and will make you feel awesome afterwards.

j) Dont compare yourself with anyone
It's pointless to compare yourself to another player. There will always be someone who has better technique, a deeper understanding of theory, pitch perception, knows more songs it takes years of practice and dedication to develop into a guitarist on par with some of your heroes. Chances are you were not born a guitar prodigy. Chances are that you will have to work, and work hard, at being a good player. So don't compare yourself to any of the wiz kids out there and become disenchanted when you don't measure up.

k) Progress Is Never a Straight Line
Some days you'll feel like you’ve made leaps and bounds… Others... not so much. Of course it can be a little disappointing on the “not so much days”, but try not to get hung up on it. Know that over time you will make progress. The confidence and self-esteem you'll develop by going through a tried and true learning system and developing the skills to play with ease are invaluable.Even the most incredible player in the world had to start playing badly. Right? No one just picks up the guitar and plays well.

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