4 Skills And Hobbies Worth Your Time To Learn

Learning is an essential part of life. For people who are reaching retirement age or older, it helps you maintain motor skills and dexterity, keeps your mind sharp, and can fight symptoms of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and dementia. For younger people, learning new skills helps you excel in areas such as your schooling, profession, and social life. Whatever your age, actively learning is much more fruitful than sitting in front of the TV. Here are four activities that are worth your time to learn — all of which can be accessed online or with a group.

Computer Efficiency
Computer devices (i.e. desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) are a fact of life for people of all ages in today’s world, so gaining basic knowledge and learning how to use them more efficiently is one of the most beneficial skills you can attain. Along with helping you do many kinds of work faster (i.e. writing, graphic design, photography, bookkeeping, etc.), computers can answer pretty much any question and teach you almost anything you can think of. For those in the workforce, computers are a necessity, and knowing how to navigate and utilize them proficiently gives you a great advantage. Computers are also used to make life more convenient and save you money through shopping (i.e. price comparisons, fast and free delivery, etc.).

Digital Photography
Besides the fact that knowing how to take amazing pictures can always come in handy, some of the best benefits of learning digital photography have to do with the brain — particularly cognitive development and memory. Taking and editing quality photos requires you to learn several skills, such as memorizing the various steps in operating a camera, creatively capturing a shot, and employing color correction, touch up, and other techniques during editing. Here’s the point: Being a good photographer means you will always have the most impressive scrapbooks and the mental challenge of it is great for your cognitive functioning.

Cooking is one of those things that is beneficial to everyone. We have to eat, so why not learn how to make some killer meals? Not only does being able to cook make you more independent, but it also saves you money, it can serve as a great socializing platform, and it’s great for your health. Many people eat unhealthy foods because they don’t know how to cook. But if you learn how to whip together a quality meal or two, you’ll probably feel inclined to keep learning, and before you know it, you’ll be a health food expert and teaching other people how to cook.

Dog Training
Another great set of skills to learn is how to train a dog. Both you and the dog will benefit from the training process. Along with teaching your dog important social skills, learning common commands like “come” and “stay” will help ensure their safety. "Useful in so many situations, ‘sit’ is often the first command dogs learn. In fact, most dogs ‘sit’ on their own, so all you have to do is connect the command to the behavior"; Rover.com explains. Learning dog-training techniques is also a way to keep both of you active. Furthermore, the training process teaches you how to communicate with canines, as well as how to read their intentions and behavior
patterns. You could even use the skills you learn to teach other dogs in the future. Actively learning is paramount if you want to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Computer efficiency, digital photography, cooking, and dog training are just a few of the fun and useful skills you can learn. Look online for free tutorials or find a class that’s offered in your area. You’ll not only add a little joy to your life, but you’ll also improve your overall health while you’re at it.

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Contributed By Julie Morris
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