2017 – The Dark Year Of Music

2017 was a rather interesting year for music as a lot of bold music was churned out. People sang about women empowerment, ballads against sexual assault and equality. It was a great year for guitar rock. Some incredible music and a rollercoaster of emotions have been the centre point of the year. However, 2017 was also a dark year for it saw the death of quite a few incredible musicians. 

Who Were They?

Malcolm Young: the co-founder and guitarist of AC/DC died on November 18th, aged 64. He had dementia and old age soon lead to his death. Young and his brother Angus together founded AC/DC in 1973 and became what was called the greatest rock outfits of all time. 

Tom Petty: Tom Petty died on 2nd October of a cardiac arrest. Later on, the report concluded that it was a result of an accidental drug overdose. He was the lead singer of Tom Petty and Heartbreakers which was formed in 1976. His 1989 hit Free Fallin’ made him a very known name in the industry. 

Chris Cornell: Cornell was the lead singer of Audioslave and Soundgarden, the grunge band. It was often said that his voice carried the weight if the world. Chris Cornell is believed to have committed suicide on May 18th, aged 52. 

Chester Bennington: On July 20th, the world lost the legendary lead singer of Linkin Park. The man who doled out hits like In the End and Numb known for his piercing scream, anguish and powerful voice. Chester died at 41 from suicide. 

Chuck Berry: The iconic man who is considered the pioneer of early stages of rock breathed his last in 2017. A career spanning four decades of rock and roll, he died at 90 on March 18th. He was known for his guitar lick, self confidence and some brilliant songs. 

Fats Domino: Yet another pioneers of the rock and roll genre, the New Orleans rhythm and blue singer had nearly 40 pop hits which made him the best man during  the rock onset. He was a master of wordless vocals. He died at 89 on October 29th. 

Al Jarreau: He was the star of the 20th century singing jazz, pop and R&B. He was a million records sold all around the world and one of the most versatile singers of his time. He won the Grammy for categories of jazz, pop and R&B. He died aged 76 on February 12th. 

Mel Tillis: The country singer was 85 when he died on November 19th. His death was a result of respiratory issues, old age and poor health since the year 2016. Tillis has written over 1000 songs and recorded about 60 albums. He has been awarded the medal of honour by the president Barack Obama in 2012. 

Gregg Allman: The man who was known for his work with Allman Brothers Band. The band was one he started with his brother Duane who tragically died in 1971. Two years later the band broke up and Allman began his solo career. Allman struggled with drug overdose, alcohol addiction and other health issues. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2007. He died on May 27th after suffering from complications at the age of 69. 

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